Democratizing Software Development.

Software development has gotten too expensive. Companies need to raise and spend hundreds of millions of dollars to have a chance to succeed.


Our Mission

At Candle, our mission is to democratize software. To do that we need to close the gap between what you can easily build today and where modern expectations are for applications.

Commoditization and automation changes industries. At Candle, we're commoditizing logic and automating dozens of tasks traditionally left to senior engineers. When we're done, companies built on mountains of bespoke source code will no longer find themselves so far ahead.


How we will do it

Code is cheap, but integration is expensive. When everything has the same interface, code naturally connects to other code like a magnet. Functionality is easier to add, change, and share. Dependencies are easier to update and secure. Testing is so straightforward that it bares no resemblance to what we do now. Candle is building technology that captures these connections into components and flows that define complete pieces of functionality. Components are open and composable so you can take any component, alter the flow, and make it your own.