Democratizing Software Development.

Businesses exist to meet the needs of their customers, not to write code. However, the high cost and time investment required for writing code has become a significant barrier for many companies.

Our Mission


At Candle, we aim to make software development more accessible and affordable for all businesses. We believe that code should be able to come from anyone, including employees, contractors, or AI, as long as it meets the needs of the business and its customers.

We believe that software's value lies in its functionality, not just its code. That's why we're building a software development framework that enables the integration of generic, reusable components in unique ways to solve different problems. By simplifying the connection between components, we're making it easier to add, change, and share functionality while reducing dependencies and improving testing. Our framework promotes collaboration and innovation in the industry while making software development more accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

How we will do it


At Candle, we're revolutionizing software development by making it easy to run code from any source with our new framework.

Our framework ensures that all components have interconnectable interfaces, simplifying the process of customizing and modifying flows to meet your unique needs. We prioritize safety and ensure that all components run securely. Similar to how ride-sharing made it acceptable to get in a stranger's car, we're making it acceptable to run a stranger's code. By sharing binaries instead of source code, we're simplifying software composition.

The implications of our framework are revolutionary.
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