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Testing Wasmflow Components

Testing Wasmflow Components

Jarrod walks through how to write unit and integration tests for Wasmflow components.

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  1. Testing Wasmflow Components
    Testing Wasmflow Components

    Wed, Aug 10 2022

    The Value of Testing Writing automated tests is one of the most valuable things you can do as a developer but the practice is often resisted, rejected, or pushed off repeatedly. It’s understandable. Testing code is hard. It’s extra work …

  2. HTTP to GPRC Translation
    HTTP to GPRC Translation

    Tue, Aug 2 2022

    HTTP to GPRC Translation This is a situation that I have encountered serveral times now in my career. There is an existing microservice that was initially designed to be internal-only and now the portal needs access to the capabilities or data …

  3. How To Use Postman To Make GRPC Requests
    How To Use Postman To Make GRPC Requests

    Tue, Aug 2 2022

    gRPC is an open source remote procedure call (RPC) framework developers use to build APIs. It operates over HTTP/2 and is frequently used in the context of microservices. The gRPC protocol is often paired with Protocol Buffers (a.k.a. protobuf), a …

  4. Introducing Wasmflow
    Introducing Wasmflow

    Tue, Jul 12 2022

    Wasmflow: A Runtime for Application Builders We’re happy to announce the release of the Wasmflow runtime. All the source code for Wasmflow and related tools are on Github. The team has done an amazing job and it’s an incredible feeling to …

  5. Vino is now Candle
    Vino is now Candle

    Mon, Jul 11 2022

    Like many stories, the road to Candle was not a straight path. We started with one belief we accepted as truth: software was broken and building a business on software was barely sustainable. That was enough for us. We were passionate about the …