Vino is now Candle

Vino is now Candle

July 11, 2022

Like many stories, the road to Candle was not a straight path. We started with one belief we accepted as truth: software was broken and building a business on software was barely sustainable. That was enough for us. We were passionate about the problem and finding a solution for it.

We needed a name to work under. We chose “Vino” and started sprinting from there. While the core of who we are hasn’t changed, our understanding of who we are has. We’re not Vino anymore.

Goodbye Vino

We chose Vino because wine and wine-making had a lot in common with what we were doing. We were working with the flow of data (like wine) and grafting (i.e. copy/pasting) from one pipeline to another. We also liked the thought of code improving with age. It made sense at the time.

Those reasons didn’t matter. The impact of the first impression was too strong. Aside from the obvious problems – I can’t count how many times I explained we weren’t a startup for wineries – Vino just didn’t represent who we were. Vino and wine brought along the wrong connotations. It is frequently associated with high-cost, esoteric terminology, and pretentiousness.

That is the polar opposite of who we were.

Hello Candle

Vino is now Candle. Yep. Just Candle. “Candle Corporation” according to the paperwork, but we go by Candle.

Candles are culturally universal. They’re big, small, and work the same way no matter where you find them. They illuminate the path ahead and will keep working no matter how long they’ve been sitting around.

Candles just work.

This marks the first major transition after our pre-seed funding. We’re hiring our core team now and are excited to kick off this next phase with all of you.

Thank you and we’ll be seeing you soon!

Written By
Jarrod Overson
Jarrod Overson