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Deploy Service on Candle Cloud

Welcome to the Deploy Service documentation. With the Candle Cloud’s Deploy Service, you can effortlessly host and run your Wick applications, ensuring a scalable, robust, and secure environment for your Wick applicatoins.

Unsure of what type of applications can be built with Wick? Check out the Wick Examples Applications.

In this section, you’ll find comprehensive guides covering various facets of the deployment process and management on Candle Cloud:


Dive deep into the specifics of deploying your Wick application on Candle Cloud. Learn about setting up, managing, and optimizing instances of your running applications.


Safeguard sensitive information integral to your application’s functionality. Discover how to add, manage, and use secrets within your deployed Wick applications.


Monitoring made easy. Understand how to retrieve, view, and analyze the health and statuf of your deployment, ensuring optimal performance and swift debugging.


Your account’s resource privileges decoded. Explore the compute, storage, and other resources allocated to you and how to make the most out of them.


Unleash the power of persistent storage. All deployment have access to SQLite database which can be accessed by your Wick application.


Engage, learn, and earn. Unlock additional entitlements, be it extra storage or more memory, by reaching certain milestones with your deployments.

Whether you’re deploying a simple Wick app or a comprehensive solution, Candle Cloud ensures a seamless, efficient, and rewarding experience. Should you have any queries or need additional information, please visit our Discord Channel.

Happy deploying on Candle Cloud!

Last updated on 6 Sep 2023