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Entitlements on Candle Cloud (beta)

Entitlements on Candle Cloud denote the specific resources allocated to you based on your account or subscription type. They provide a clear snapshot of what you can utilize when deploying and managing your Wick applications on Candle Cloud. Regularly reviewing your entitlements helps in optimizing your deployment strategy and ensures efficient utilization of resources.

To view your entitlements, click your username in the top right corner and click on Entitlements.

During our beta period, the entitlements can change at any time.

Current Entitlements

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the current entitlement options on Candle Cloud:

Compute Power

Compute power signifies the amount of processing power allocated to you. Depending on the complexity and needs of your Wick applications, you may need to be cognizant of this limit.


This entitlement represents the number of Wick applications or instances you can have running concurrently.


Requests denote the number of API or service calls your deployment can handle. It’s crucial to monitor this closely, especially for applications with heavy user interactions or integrations.


Bandwidth entitlement relates to the amount of data transfer allowed, which can include both inbound and outbound data.


This signifies the number of users that can be associated with each tenant.


Memory allocation is crucial for applications that have heavy data processing, caching, or require in-memory operations.

Stay updated with your entitlements and adjust your deployment strategies accordingly. If you ever find your applications nearing their entitlement limits, consider upgrading your Candle Cloud account or optimizing your applications to use resources more efficiently.

For any questions or to understand more about each entitlement, please visit our Discord Channel.

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Last updated on 24 Aug 2023
Published on 24 Aug 2023