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Static Site

Candle Cloud allows for free website hosting and allows you to bring your own domain for ssl certificates. Deploying your site to Candle Cloud is painless and simple.


Create an Application Manifest

  • On your computer, navigate to the parent directory containing your static html directory.
  • Create a file named app.wick.
├── app.wick
└── www
    └── index.html

Paste this into your app.wick, change the namespace appropriately as you created in step 2 of the Prerequisites.

kind: wick/app@v1
name: my-site
  description: This is my static site
  version: 0.1.0
    namespace: *MYNAMESPACE*
    - '{{__dirname}}/www'
  - name: httpserver
      kind: wick/resource/tcpport@v1
      port: "{{ ctx.env.HTTP_PORT }}"
  - name: DIR
      kind: wick/resource/volume@v1
      path: '{{__dirname}}/www'
  - kind: wick/trigger/http@v1
    resource: httpserver
      - kind: wick/router/static@v1
        path: /
        volume: DIR
        fallback: index.html

Running Locally

In your terminal, run: HTTP_PORT=8080 wick run app.wick This will start the application on port 8080. You can load up your browser to see your site locally.

Run Wick Locally

Push to Registry

In your terminal, type: wick registry push app.wick This will push the project to your namespace on

Make sure to note the reference, it will be similar to the following:

Wick Registry Push output

Deploy on Candle Cloud

  • Navigate to the Candle Cloud dashboard.
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon next to Deployments.
  • Add a name and Registry reference for your application.
  • Click on ‘Deploy Application’ to start the application.
  • After a few minutes, your site will be up on a dynamically created hostname.
  • Upgrade your entitlements for free.

Deploy application screen on Candle Cloud

Adding Your Own Domain Name (Optional)

If you have your own custom hostname that you want to use, you can add the domain by clicking the + icon next to Domains and entering your domain and associating it with your deployment. You will need to update the IP address provided in the dashboard in your DNS provider.

Extend your application

Check out the example apps repository to get more idea like adding authentication and database backed rest-api functionality to your applications. Candle Cloud is not just a static site host, you can build powerful applications with Wick and host them for free! Join us on our Discord server and we will be happy to help you with your next project on Wick!

Last updated on 6 Sep 2023
Published on 6 Sep 2023