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Wick is an application runtime that allows you to stitch components together into web services, CLI apps, microservices, workers, anything. Wick was designed from the ground-up with reusability and security in mind. Wick is built with rust and WebAssembly to keep your code secure and portable.

Key Benefits of Wick

  1. Reusability: Write a component once, use it as a microservice, JSON Rest API, CLI app, or as part of another component for larger application without changing a single line of code.

  2. Productivity: Wick makes it easier to develop, maintain, document, and test your applications. Test every component the same way, generate documentation with a single command, and update components without fear.

  3. Security: Wick uses WebAssembly to sandbox dependencies and keep them isolated from one another. Wick’s architecture makes it easy to keep vulnerabilities out of code in the first place.


Install with Cargo

cargo install wick-cli

Install with Homebrew

brew install candlecorp/tap/wick

Install pre-built binaries


curl -sSL | bash


curl -UseBasicParsing | Invoke-Expression

Install from source

git clone && cd wick
just deps # install necessary dependencies
just install # or cargo install --path .

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Dive deeper into the Wick Framework by exploring the following sections:

We’re excited to have you join the Wick community! Be sure to join our public Discord channel and share what you create!

Last updated on 24 Aug 2023