Candle Documentation

Version 0


A manifest defines the starting state of a Wick host and network.

Field nameTypeDescriptionRequired?Shortform?
formatu32The configuration manifest format.Yes
versionstringThe version of the configuration.
hostHostConfigAdditional host configuration.
networkNetworkManifestThe configuration for a Wick network.
default_schematicstringThe default schematic to execute if none is provided.


Host configuration options.

Field nameTypeDescriptionRequired?Shortform?
allow_latestboolWhether or not to allow the :latest tag on remote artifacts.
insecure_registriesstring[]A list of registries to connect to insecurely (over HTTP vs HTTPS).
idstringThe ID for this host, used to identify the host over the mesh.
exposestring[]The schematics to expose via RPC or the mesh, if any.
meshMeshConfigThe mesh configuration.
rpcHttpConfigConfiguration for the GRPC server.
httpHttpConfigConfiguration for the HTTP 1 server (development only).


Configuration for HTTP/S servers.

Field nameTypeDescriptionRequired?Shortform?
enabledboolEnable/disable the server.
portu16The port to bind to.
addressstringThe address to bind to.
pemstringPath to pem file for TLS.
keystringPath to key file for TLS.
castringPath to CA file.


Configuration used to connect to the mesh.

Field nameTypeDescriptionRequired?Shortform?
enabledboolEnable/disable the mesh connection.
addressstringThe address of the NATS server.
creds_pathstringThe path to the NATS credsfile.
tokenstringThe NATS token.


A Wick network definition.

Field nameTypeDescriptionRequired?Shortform?
namestringThe unique identifier for this Network.
schematicsSchematicManifest[]The links between capabilities and components.
collectionsCollectionDefinition[]A list of component collections.


A collection definition.

Field nameTypeDescriptionRequired?Shortform?
namespacestringThe local namespace for the collection.
kindCollectionKindThe kind/type of the collection.
referencestringThe reference/location of the collection.
data{ string : any }Data or configuration used to initialize the collection.


Kind of collection.

| Field name | Type | Description | | Native | unknown type | Native collections included at compile-time in a Wick host. | | GrpcUrl | unknown type | The URL for a separately managed GRPC endpoint. | | WaPC | unknown type | A WaPC WebAssembly collection. | | Network | unknown type | A local or remote Network definition. |


A definition for an individual Wick schematic.

Field nameTypeDescriptionRequired?Shortform?
namestringSchematic name.Yes
instances{ string : ComponentDefinition }A map from component reference to its target.
connectionsConnectionDefinition[]A list of connections from component to component.
constraints{ string : string }A map of constraints and values that limit where this schematic can run.


A single component definition.

Field nameTypeDescriptionRequired?Shortform?
idstringThe ID of the component (i.e. the alias, key, or namespace).Yes
data{ string : any }Data to associate with the reference.


A connection between components. This can be specified in short-form syntax (where applicable).

Field nameTypeDescriptionRequired?Shortform?
fromConnectionTargetDefinitionThe originating component from upstream.
toConnectionTargetDefinitionThe destination component (downstream).


A connection target e.g. a port on a reference. This can be specified in short-form syntax (where applicable).

Field nameTypeDescriptionRequired?Shortform?
instancestringThe instance name of the referenced component.Yes
portstringThe component’s port.Yes
data{ string : any }Data to associate with a connection.